TPG Sustainability

Our Approach

Our strategy is to continually progress to be a more environmentally friendly business reviewing our mind-set, behaviours, practices and processes to have a business model that protects the environment as far as we are able.  This strategy is modelled and encouraged by our owners Mayfair Equity Partners, who are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”)

Within our sphere of influence we will seek to continually:

    • Reduce consumption and waste
    • Reduce carbon emissions
    • Recycle
    • Review our operation and practices 
    • Report  on our progress

Our goal is to be a successful business, creating and delivering unique travel experiences whilst minimising environmental impact and positively influencing those in our orbit of influence.

Reduce consumption and waste:

Offices and operations

Within all our offices we seek to eliminate paper towels and/or hand towels, only efficient and environmentally friendly hand dryers are used in order to reduce energy & paper consumption.

Traditionally we have produced significant numbers of printed brochures and leaflets. We are now prioritising online and digital brochure production and only when necessary resorting to paper brochures thereby reducing the consumption of paper and the posting/travel of multiple printed brochures across the world.

Where paper brochure production is deemed necessary, the decision is taken at Executive Director level, if this is approved, then small volume print runs are undertaken to ensure limited consumption and wastage.

Where offices are moved, changed or older office furniture is removed we prioritise re-use or recycle to a local charity rather than send to landfill.

Executive and client business meetings have papers prepared and circulated electronically in advance rather than printed & circulated in meetings in order to reduce the number of printed copies created.

New office locations have accessibility by public transport as a key requirement.

Further water consumption and energy saving actions are on-going.

Reduce carbon emissions/footprint


Whilst coaches have the lowest kilograms of CO2 per passenger kilometre for different modes of transport* (UK Government, Department of Transport) we remain committed to ensure that coaches we use in tours operate in an environmentally sensitive manner:

We request and encourage our coach operators  to join a Guild or Coach Operators Consortium that request and support environmentally friendly operations such as the British Guild of Coach Operators who have a requirement for their Members to prove that their operations are conducted in an environmentally sensitive manner, specifically having a “written Environmental Policy in line with current legislation which covers specific aspects of coach operation, including the disposal of litter, oil and other fluids, the discharge of chemical toilets and minimising the running of engines when parked”

Where the Coach Operator does not have an association with a Guild or Consortium we ask them to sign and confirm that they operate to these environmental standards, such as encouraging re-use of equipment, effective recycling and correct disposal of waste.

Commuting and business travel

We want our employees and business partners to travel smarter and less often.

We encourage employees to cycle to work which is subsidised through our participation of the Governments cycle to work scheme. In addition, we seek to review the cycle racks available and as appropriate reallocate car parking space into cycle storage space.

We actively encourage the reduction of travel to internal meetings between our company sites by the provision of technology-based alternatives such as video conferencing. Recent investment has taken place to enhance our video conferencing capabilities.

Travel by train where practical to client meetings is encouraged rather than via car or airline. We believe this is more productive and better for the environment. Travel is undertaken using our internal company travel suite and is signed off by a Senior Leader.

We are now able to collect and review travel data from our business travel partners that gives us actionable insights to travel patterns and therefore take action to check and change behaviour where this unnecessarily impacts a positive environmental approach.

There is a recent change to our car usage policy to dis-incentivise the use of personal cars for business use, and encourage the use or partial use of public transport for client fam trips, contracting trips and other business trips.

Recycle where possible

Recycle hubs are available throughout our offices with segregated recycle containers

On our tours we invite and encourage our client passengers to bring and use re-usable water bottles and cups throughout the tour.

Review our operation as a responsible business

An Executive Director with responsibility for corporate sustainability is appointed.